Here are 10 questions that we get asked a lot: 


1.  What is the difference between vintage shops and thrift/resell/wholesale shops, and what exactly is Hip Zipper considered?  

We don't consider ourselves a thrift or resell/wholesale shop. 

Thrift shops, resell/wholesale shops sell a wide range of new, used, vintage items, usually at inexpensive price points.   


We sell authentic vintage clothing: both online and in-store.  We hand-pick each piece with the consumer: the 'end-user' in mind as our customer base    

Since 1999 our business model (both at the brick and mortar and online)  has been to offer the consumer a collection of the best quality vintage possible at a fair price. 


2.  Can I come to the store and try something on from your online store? 

  • The online store is a separate, more collectible and expensive collection. 
  • It is extremely costly to repair vintage.  Some items can’t be repaired if damaged. 

-  1. To preserve the integrity of this special collection

    2. To help reduce wear and tear due to multiple try-ons of these more delicate, more collectible garments.

We prefer that you know your measurements, comparing them with the item measurement info provided before deciding to purchase. 


- If you are local and wish to try something on (depending on the garment) one of our staff members will take your measurements, compare your measurement info to the measurement info for the garment you’re interested in. 

- If your measurements match the garment measurement listed, (depending on the garment) you may be allowed to try the item on. 

- Please message us beforehand for assistance.  In-store fittings are by appointment and are handled on a case-by-case basis (depending on the garment).  


3.  What is the difference between the inventory at your shop and your online inventory?  

The two collections are completely separate.  Consumers are welcome to visit the physical store, shop the racks of inventory and buy those items “in the store”.   

The online collection is exclusively for sale on the website.  It must be purchased online. 


4. If I order something online can I come to the store to pick it up? 



5.  Can I purchase something from your physical store online?   

At this time, inventory from our brick and mortar collection is available to purchase in-store only.  


6.  Can I return my purchase? 

 All items are considered final sale.  

We welcome and encourage all questions about size and condition before consumers decide to purchase. Please see our Policies page for more specific details.


7.  Are any of your items available to rent? 

We do not rent any vintage, either from our online collection or our physical store site. 


8.  Where do you get all of your vintage? 

We’ve been open since 1999.  That’s a long time to discover avenues to source inventory.  We believe we get opportunities we’re meant to get, to find quality items at the most reasonable price so we can pass that on to our consumers. 


9.  Do you buy vintage? Do you consign? 

We’re always buying vintage clothing.  We do not consign.  If you have vintage you would like to sell, please click here.  



10.  Why doesn’t your website offer modern day size info (i.e. numerical sizing)? 

Grab a seat. It’s a long answer: 


Most reputable vintage sellers on other platforms (eBay, Etsy) go to great lengths to list specific garment measurements for vintage items. 

They often include the following measurements:




Length from shoulder to waist (for a defined waistline) 

Overall garment length

Shoulder to shoulder measurement

Sleeve length (for a long-sleeved garment)

Rise + Inseam (for pants + shorts) 

Vintage sellers do so because size standards vary greatly from 1920 - 2020.

Many vintage pieces are often hand-made with no tags.  

If something is estimated (or described) as  "This fits a modern day size 10…”  and a consumer buys the item because they generally wear a size 10 - then it doesn't fit -  the consumer may come back disappointed with feedback that the garment was mis-sized.  

The same principle applies for shoe sizing. 

In the world of fast fashion, consumers often buy products that can fit 2-3 different sized folks.  Fast fashion, designers and manufacturers also play a ‘shell game’ of sorts with the words ‘Small, Medium and Large…' 

In reality what fast fashion does is something commonly known in retail as ‘Vanity Sizing…’  It's a widely-used tactic intended to assist in positive self-image and encourage consumers to shop with them, because the consumer is considered a smaller size at their shop.   


Other than the 'standard' set forth by the ASTM - not an actual requirement -there is no authority mandating that everyone go by the same regulation.  So sizing varies depending on the designer, manufacturer or retailer.   

**To ensure best fit: we ask consumers to use a measuring tape, measure themselves and know their exact measurements.  Consumers can also measure similar clothing items that fit for comparison, keeping in mind that many garments we offer for sale do not stretch. 

  **If you would like us to send you a measuring tape with your order, just email us and we'll gladly do so!  


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