Just Cause

With the launch of our new website comes a new opportunity: the opportunity to give back.
Why do we give back?  Just cause we can! 
This website affords us a chance to take proceeds from your purchases and help organizations near and dear to us further their mission.
Each quarter we’ll spotlight one such organization, showing you the good they do with their efforts as well as how you can get more involved in their cause. 
The first organization we’d like to feature is  STARS!
Shopping for a cause is the best.  Shopping to support STARS is even better! STARS provides school-based, mental health counseling services to provide equitable access to care and reaches over 60,000 children and youth annually. 
Everything that STARS provides is anchored in HOPE, HEALTH, and CONNECTION.  What is more important than to ensure all young people can pursue their unlimited potential? 


Click the link below to access their website and see how you can get more involved with their cause! 
Artwork for "Just Cause" created by Cherith Boda.